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How To Use Our Services


Few easy steps to maneuver on GD's web page.

Step 1: Please contact us, let me know you are interested in using our services.

Step 2: After providing the usual details we generate and send you your ID and password.

Step 3: Print an Order form, pack your case properly.

Step 4 : Click on one of the functions ("Send your Case") and you will be asked to enter your ID and password. Than on the new page check your details. (Change if needed) select the day, than click on the "order courier"

Before sending your case

Please make sure we receive all the important information, and for a successful job please check the following....

The labdocket is filled (client, patient, shade, instructions...)

All parts sent (impressions, bite, study, implant parts...)

All parts packed properly!

Please check your impressions (don't send dragged, distorted, bubbled faulty impressions)





About Us

Gabriel's Dental is a family managed business with the intention to have personal attention for every client.

Our service is unlike factory type dental labs with managers, chief technicians, departments.... where the information easily can get lost. In the last few decades I have learned how not to run a laboratory. I have been managing big dental labs in four different countries, and I may say that I have what it takes to provide High Quality Dental Services.

In technology and machinery we can't always have all the latest... and in technicians we can't always have the best. So jobs we can not complete in house will be put to competition among Hungary's best Dental labs to assure you get the best quality work there is around.

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